CCi Meridian

Lone Worker application

CCi Meridian is an Android application integrated to the Silhouette platform. It captures the time and the location using GPS position, and associates it with “Action” checkbox fields or “Duration” defined for each group of users.

The Silhouette form utility displays the data and maps of the positions for one or more records.

CCi Meridian-Silhouette-Document Portal

Using Google Maps or Site Maps

CCi Meridian is useful for lone workers to indicate when they arrive on site and how long they intend to stay. The office receives the information soon after the mobile user has tapped the send location button. The office staff can then locate and assist if necessary.

CCi Meridian is not a tracking application. The GPS position reports are actioned by the mobile workers to inform the office of their next steps.

Administrators or supervisors can easily display the location of each worker, the actions associated and the time a user intends to be at that location. They are also able to map all records selected and find who is closer to respond to a new urgent job request that the office has received.

Meridian can also work with site maps without sending GPS co-ordinates; a hospital site map for example.  Field workers can indicate where they work in a building by entering a text note that will be displayed in Silhouette Form Utility with a clear marker.

CCi Meridian-map

More Information

If you wish to know more about CCi Meridian, CCi Silhouette or if you wish to discuss how to integrate this new application with your existing applications on Silhouette:

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