Surgical Safety Checklist

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The Prince Charles Hospital, working with Destiny Wireless, chose to take action to improve one of the most criticised parts of medical treatments: Surgical Safety.

Together with the World Health Organisation, the team created a Surgical Safety Checklist (see below) trying to improve indicators before, during and after a surgical episode. It is meant for nurses to ensure the good progression of the surgical process happening in operating theaters, simply checking boxes as each step is completed.

With this system, it is easy to see if the medical team has checked important steps like confirming the patient’s name, whether there are any allergies, the correct procedure is going to be carried out, correct side of the body, etc.

We capture this data in real time in the theatre with the patient and this reporting, monitoring and management allows staff to review and improve their process. Using simply the Digital Pen & Paper technology, each ticked box is transformed into data and directly stored onto a central database.

In 2009, Australian Health Ministers endorsed the Surgical Safety Checklist as the nationally-agreed strategy for surgical safety procedure in Australia.

The Prince Charles Hospital contributes to improve global surgical safety procedures and reduce its risks.

Surgical Safety Checklist