Silhouette Document Portal

All your data from the field to your browser


Check the information written on any paper forms just filled in with the digital pen, directly from your internet browser.


The display works by workflow, from new to completed forms. After confirming all the data is correctly entered, each form will go to the Completed stage, ready to be processed.


Group and Filter

To search for more precise information, use the sidebar and group forms by client name, filter by technician or date, etc.


Communicate with your colleagues or your clients by quickly creating a .pdf file, embedding the forms and their pen strokes even with the pictures attached to it.


You can access the Silhouette Document Portal from any computer with an internet browser. It is the central platform that gathers all the data collected from any mobile device.

The Silhouette Form Viewer is the place where the manager of several field technicians can see and sort all the forms that were filled by them during the day. It is easy to navigate with tool bars and filters in order to verify the information collected. After completion, the handwriting is converted into useful data for analysis on another software, the Business Intelligence Platform.