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What We Do


We are the leading supplier of Digital Pen and Paper Solutions in Australia. Combined with tablet technology we collect data from your mobile workforce in real time.


Silhouette is a cloud-based software repository for all your documents, from asset registry to service logs, from training manuals to terms of agreement. It can be accessed from any computer using a secure password protected login.


Our data analysis, monitoring and reporting services organise your data and reveal relationships, patterns and trends, helping you make faster and smarter business decisions.


Read about some of the exciting applications we developed alongside our best customers.

Digital Pens

The Destiny Digital Pen remembers everything you write, once you tick the send box, encrypted data is transmitted via Bluetooth to your mobile phone and then through internet access to our cloud-based server. Our system can also convert everything that has been written into digital text, ready to populate your back-end database.

The Digital Pen Company

With our own line of digital pens, Destiny is the market leader in Australia with over 4000 digital pens delivered. As an Anoto Global Partner, Destiny and Destiny Service Providers are the only Anoto agents allowed to develop applications here in Australia.


Since the beginning we assist companies in their growth through a deeper understanding of their processes
Australia-based with international experience

Destiny Wireless Australia is an Anoto Global Partner in Australia and launched the digital pen for business in 2003.

In partnership with Crendal Computing Intl., we have developed our own software platform called Silhouette for capturing data using digital pens, smartphones or tablets. Our customers can choose which device/s which meets their requirements.
This partnership also brought cloud data storage, business analytics services and a long history of personal support.

In October 2015, William Crendal bought the shares of Destiny Wireless Australia, integrating the solutions offered by both companies.

William is ensuring that the new direction of Destiny Wireless is helping customers capture data they can analyse while continuing to provide personal support to all users.

  • Digital Pens

    Use less paper and comply with regulation

  • Tablets, smartphones

    For all operating systems

  • KPI, Dashboard

    Report, Analyse and Predict

  • Personal Support

    Certificated Training and Support

Why Destiny Wireless

Destiny Wireless specialises in collecting data from mobile users, through paper forms enabled for digital pens, mobiles or tablets and laptops. Capturing on site and on time data is the first step. The web repository can be shared, and the facts analysed interactively by all levels of management. The experience of our consultants combined with the power of our tools enable Destiny to develop new solutions quickly, adding personal support to all users.

Our Digital Pens from Anoto and Paper solution is quick to set up. It is easy to use for all and allows to transform handwriting into text. With less but the right amount of paper, our customers can comply to the various regulations requiring log books and copies.


Our flexibility lies in every stage of our development. We offer various ways of capturing remote data with the choice of digital pens, smartphones or tablets. Our pieces of software are set up and customised hand in hand with each customer to cater only what they need.


Our team benefits from over 20 years of experience in developing solutions together that are matching the needs of our customers. We also have an effective personal support and training available to answer all your questions.


Our customers have very different profiles, from small to big companies spanning various industries, including Auditing, Building Services, OH&S, Transportation & Logistics, Government Agencies and Medical institutes.



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