Flexibility - Mobile Devices

Collect Data the Way you Want

We provide many options for collecting data. Digital Pens, Smartphones and Tablets can all be part of your mobility solution system.

Digital Pens remember everything you write while mobile apps such as CCi Meridian extend to possibilities of paperless.

You can manage all your data in Silhouette, our secure cloud-based application. Destiny Wireless Australia is constantly updating its software and mobile applications in order to be available on the latest devices.

Flexibility - WordCloud

Personalise your Process Solution

During the development of your application, we customise form templates (electronic and paper-based) to ensure that you are collecting the most relevant information.

Your data can be integrated with our Business Intelligence Platform which can take in large volumes of data to monitor, analyse and report showing patterns and trends to help you make better business decisions.

Changes to your application can be made quickly, easily and seamlessly.