Advanced Operations Analytics

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CEFN Genetics is a pig breeding company. Thousands of pigs in multiple sheds need to be taken care of and it can get overwhelming to manage if the process is not perfectly organized.

Geneticists that operate daily on the field need to track all their work and record data in order to allow managers to combine and analyse it. This allows them to find eventual problems and solve them quickly.

At the cutting edge of technology, CEFN Genetics implemented with the help of Destiny Wireless Australia a whole new approach to the pig breeding industry using advanced operations analytics. The geneticists are using their Digital Pens to fill in specific Forms without losing any time compared to what they were doing before, helping them streamline the process.




The only change is that their hand writing is now converted into data by the Silhouette® software in order to be analysed directly into their customized Business Intelligence software. Through deep reactive but also predictive analysis, it is possible to solve a problem at its source.

With these effective techniques of collecting, storing and analysing data, CEFN Genetics’ management team is NOW capable of seeing instantly what is going on in the sheds, quickly detect a problematic situation and anticipate a majority of them.

CEFN Genetics is already a leader in the pig breeding industry but their data-driven decision model enabled them to constantly push their limits ever since.