Surgical Safety Checklist

The Prince Charles Hospital, working with Destiny Wireless, chose to take action to improve one of the most criticised parts of medical treatments: Surgical Safety.Together with the World Health Organisation, the team created a Surgical Safety Checklist (see below) trying to improve indicators before, during and after a surgical episode. It is meant for nurses to ensure the good[…]


CCi Meridian

CCi Meridian is an Android application integrated to the Silhouette platform. It captures the time and the location using GPS position, and associates it with “Action” checkbox fields or “Duration” defined for each group of users.The Silhouette form utility displays the data and maps of the positions for one or more records. CCi Meridian is useful[…]


Sales Team gets bigger

Mathieu Fritel has joined Destiny Wireless Australia to help the sales and marketing team finding new markets and new customers. Mathieu is young graduate from international business school. He speaks several languages (French / Spanish / English) and has already worked in different countries (France, USA, South Korea, Costa Rica).