Team Experience

  • 10+ Years Together

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Since its beginning in 2003, Destiny Wireless Australia and its multicultural team has become a well-established company on the Australian market of business digital solutions.

Together with Crendal Computing Intl., Destiny Wireless grew its way up to become a unique Business Process Solution provider. By enabling our customers to make the smooth transition towards using new technologies as a business tool, the company saw its success in the skyrocketing profits of their clients.

Today, thanks to a successful team of experts, Destiny’s business model has easily adapted to the fast-paced world we live in today.

Our master developers are successfully keeping up to date our high-end software technology. From mobile applications to our Document Portal and Business Intelligence platform, every piece is assessed regularly for improvement.

Our certificated trainers provide daily personal support and training for any user. They implement new ways to make your collaboration easier.